Kaspa is a lieutenant in the Union Army, and one of Jezal dan Luthar's drinking buddies in Adua. He's the wealthiest of the friends; his father is one of the biggest landowners in The Union.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kaspa is a young man with sandy hair and beard. He's slightly stupid but pleasant and likeable. He just laughs whenever Jezal makes him the butt of his jokes.

The First Law Trilogy Edit

The Blade Itself Edit

Kaspa spends much of his time in Adua, drinking, gambling, and womanizing with his friends Major West, Captain Luthar, and Lieutenants Brint and Jalenhorm. When he introduces his beautiful and rich cousin Ariss dan Kaspa to Jezal, the Captain acts quite rude and dismissive of her. She pales in comparison to Ardee West, who he's increasingly infatuated by.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Kaspa ships out with most of the others to the war in Angland against Bethod's Northmen. He is in Lord Marshall Burr's division when news of the crushing defeat of Prince Ladisla's forces reaches the camp. He is also among the three officers who greet West when he returns after weeks of tramping through the cold and barren north.

The Last Argument of Kings Edit

Kaspa shared with his friends the news he receives from letters from his cousin Ariss, of Jezal’s rumoured heroics in The Old Empire, and rapid climb in rank. During the battle in the High Places, he is involved in the Union charge that routed Bethod's army, but is shoot by a stray arrow before he could even draw his sword. In the aftermath of the battle, Lord Marshall West finds Brint cradling the body of poor dead Lieutenant Kaspa.