What am I, your grocery boy?

–Korsten to Glokta

Korsten dan Vurms is the ambitious son of the elderly and incapable Lord Governor of Dagoska. The title of Lord Governor is not hereditary so his future is precarious.

Appearance and Personality Edit

He is blond haired, handsome, lithe, and athletic with a tan of health about him. He is a keen fencer. He is arrogant, wheedling, and cowardly, to the point that he reminds Glokta of Jezal. He has some incredibly distasteful racial views.

Recent Events Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Korsten dan Vurms is in the audience chambre when the new Superior Glokta presents himself to the city council, which includes Carlot dan Eider, General Vissbruck, Lord Governor Vurms, and Haddish Kahdia. He is less than thrilled to learn of Glokta’s carte blanche from the Closed Council, effectively removing his father from office.

Glokta later meets the Governor’s son to discuss the store of supplies for the ensuing Gurkish siege. While the city has six months of stores, it only has six months for the Union and nothing for the native population in the lower city. Glokta orders the situation resolved. The situation in the city is soon improved, but Vurms is less than happy to watching the native Dagoskan have some measure of freedom. Also the city council is now some half-a-million marks in debt.

Vurms, with Vissbruck and Eider, try to meet the Gurkish emissary Shabbed al Islik Burai without Glokta, but he learns about it and interrupts the meeting. After the meeting, Glokta takes the emissary into custody. When a few pieces are sliced and diced, the man admits that Vurms and Eider are the traitors. Glokta shows no surprise at Vurms.

Glokta confronts the city council, by dumping a cloth bag in front of them containing the Gurkish emissary’s severed head. Vurms recognizes immediately that Glokta knows he's a traitor and panics. However, Eider calmly informs Glokta that Nicomo Cosca’s soldiers have opened the gates, and the city is already in Gurkish hands. It is then that Glokta breaks the bad news; Cosca has switched sides thanks to Glokta’s newfound wealth. Practical Frost takes Vurms and Eider into custody.

Vurms is tortured by Glokta into revealing the details of the plot. Eider offered the Governor’s son money to forge his father’s signature on orders to open the gates. If not for Vurms’ demand for more money, the city would have fallen months before Glokta’s arrival. His head now decorates a spike on the gate of Dagoska.

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