Captain Langrier is a female senior officer in Grand Duke Salier's guard in Visserine.

History Edit

Best Served Cold Edit

With Visserine under siege from Duke Orso's army, Duke Salier gets a report from a destitute family of some suspicious people who have moved into a tower in the city. Captain Langrier is sent to investigate. In the tower she discovers two people in bed together naked; Monza Murcatto and Caul Shivers. Searching the room, Langrier finds a collection of Talinese uniforms. Convinced that these must be spies for Duke Orso, she has the pair and their companion Day arrested.

In a dank dark prison cell beneath the palace, Monza and Shivers are chained to the roof and the floor. Soon Langrier and her assistant enter, and sets to work extracting information from the prisoners. Monza denies being a spy and claims to be here to kill General Ganmark. Unconvinced, Langrier turns to Shivers, who blurts out everything, who he is, who Monza is, all they’ve done. However, Langrier doesn’t believe him, and sets to work burning out his eye with a heated poker. She then turns back to Monza prepared to do the same, despite Monza offering money and lies. Suddenly, a voice interrupts them; Duke Salier with Nicomo Cosca. Salier orders them released.

Later, Captain Langrier goes to see Monza in her room. After announcing that Salier has agreed to help her kill Ganmark, Langrier lingers to express her admiration for Monza. However, Shivers creeps up behind Langrier, and casually cuts her throat, while coldly echoing her words.

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