Leef is young lad who has also lost a younger brother to the same kidnappers as Shy South and Lamb.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Leef is a boy of maybe sixteen, with a mop of sandy hair, and pale skin. He’s a reasonable shot with a bow.

Recent Events Edit

Red Country Edit

Leef lives on a farm in the Near Country with his parents and nine year old brother Evin. One day, when Leef returns from hunting, he finds the farm burned out, his parents killed, and his younger brother Evin stolen. Soon after, he encounters Shy and Lamb who are tracking the bandits, and Leef agrees to join them.

At a tavern in the town of Averstock, they find three men who have left the bandits, and learn that the leader Grega Cantliss is taking the children somewhere past Crease in the Far Country.

Shy, Lamb, and Leef join up with a Fellowship heading to Crease, formed by Abram Majud and guided by legendary adventurer Dab Sweet. One day, Leef joins Shy, Sweet, Crying Rock, and Temple on a hunting trip. Temple teaches Leef how to skin and butcher the kill. When Temple goes to collect more carcasses, two Ghosts attack Leef. Temple rushes him back to camp, but he dies.

Shy and Lamb eventually rescue Leef’s brother Evin from the Dragon People, but he runs away back to Ashranc.