A most cunning opponent

Lord Marshal Varuz, Last Argument of Kings

General Malzagurt is one of the most senior Generals in the Gurkish Army.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Malzagurt is a tall dark-skinned man with a short grey beard, and an arrogance that shouts of high command. He speaks the common tongue with a sharp Kantic accent.

History Edit

Malzagurt commanded the Emperor’s forces, during the First Gurkish War, some nine years before the trilogy. He earned the respect of Lord Marshal Varuz who commanded the Union Army to victory.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

General Malzagurt commands the Gurkish forces, who land near Keln and lay siege to Adua, in the Battle of Adua. Before the fighting begins, he and Mamun, first apprentice of Khalul, approach the city under a flag of parley.

After Bayaz and Mamun quarrel over their century long conflict, Malzagurt delivers terms to King Jezal if he surrenders Adua: firstly, Jezal will be allowed to retain the throne as a subject of the Emperor, paying regular tribute; secondly, the citizens of The Union will be permitted to continue to live according to their own laws and customs; and finally, Bayaz be delivered over to the Gurkish in chains, so he may be conveyed to Sarkant, for judgement by the Prophet Khalul.

They are actually generous terms, and the King takes a moment to consider them, before rejecting them outright. The Gurkish are eventually defeated thanks to the return of the Union Army from The North, the arrival of Grand Duke Orso's fleet, and Bayaz' use of The Seed. Whether or not Malzagurt survives is unknown, but all the Gurkish prisoners are left to starve to death.

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