Finree: Mitterick is a vainglorious backbiter with the loyalty of a cuckoo.
Kroy: He should suit the Closed Council perfectly, then.

Finree dan Brock with her father Lord Marshal Kroy

General Mitterick is a capable but overeager professional soldier in the Union army, commanding one of the divisions in the war with the North.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Mitterick is a big man with an out-sized head, with a cleft down the middle of his great chin.

He is a competent and experienced soldier, and the sharpest of Lord Marshal Kroy’s generals, but reckless, forever squirming out from under his order, to do things his own way. He has his eyes on the Lord Marchal's position.

History Edit

General Mitterick has been in the army at least since the First Gurkish War. He and Lord Marshal Kroy were friends, and Kroy dragged him up through the ranks behind him.

The Heroes Edit

General Mitterick reached the valley of Osrung on the second day of the battle. His division is assigned to force their way across the Old Bridge to the west. Their first two attempts ended in failure; after crossing the bridge, Scale's men met them with a hail of arrows before they could find their order on the far side, then sprang from hidden trenches to cutting them down. His orders for Colonel Vallimir’s regiment to advance through the marshes to the far west are lost, when Trooper Lederlingen is killed by Northmen scouts. Their third attempt succeeds when Bremer dan Gorst throws himself into the melee, and “kills” Scale.

On the third day, with Calder behind Clail’s Wall taunting him with stolen Union flags, Mitterick orders the cavalry to attack without checking the ground or waiting for light. He charges half his division to their deaths when the horses hit the ditches that Calder’s men had dug in the field in the night.

After the disaster of the third day, Lord Marshal Kroy orders all hostilities to cease at once. Kroy resigns and is replaced by Mitterick who loses his usual smugness in the process. Lord Marshal Mitterick chairs the peace talks with the Northmen, before being sent send to Styria to support Sipani in their fight with Grand Duchess Monza of Talins.

Red Country Edit

It is revealed that Lord Marshal Mitterick’s mission in Styria fails, as Sipani has fallen to Monza.

Sharp Ends Edit

He is a mayor of the army in Kadir.