Musselia is an independent city-state in Styria, which was conquered by Monza Murcatto.

Geography and Culture Edit

Musselia is located inland, to the north-west of Styria, to the south-east of Talins. It had once been a great fortress of the New Empire, and its inhabitants place great pride in their ancient walls.

The prison of Safety is located in Musselia, where Friendly was imprisoned.

History Edit

Musselia is a junior partner in the League of Eight, opposed to the ruthlessly ambitious Grand Duke Orso of Talins.

General Monza captures the city for Orso by bribing a guard to let them in a small side gate. The city capitulated despite of her impenetrable walls; the Osprians arrived too late to save the city. She stole the gold of Hermon, a Kantic immigrant who rose to become the richest merchant in Musselia.

Best Served Cold Edit

Monza uses Hermon’s gold to fund her revenge on the seven people responsible for her brother Benna’s assassination.

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