Near Country is a region on the northern continent of the Circle of the World. It is an independent frontier region of small towns and scattered farms including that of Shy South and Lamb.

Geography, Government and Culture Edit

The Near Country is a frontier region to the west of Starikland, reminiscent of the American Old West. It borders the Far Country to the west, marked by the Sokwaya River, and the Old Empire to the south.

There are no major cities, the region is scattered with farms, ranches, and towns including Squaredeal, Averstock, Hormring, and Greyer. There is no formal government, and lawlessness is common. Fighting in the pits is still a common form of entertainment.

History Edit

The Near Country remains an independent region, despite regular rumours of annexation to the Union, and the Old Empire rattling their swords on the border. In recent years, with the failed rebellion in Starikland, ex-rebels have fled into the region.

Red Country Edit

A group of bandit cross the Near Country, burning farms and kidnapping children. Later, Nicomo Cosca and his mercenaries wreak havoc on the towns of the region, in their search for Conthus who led the rebellion in Starikland. The population continues to grow with more buildings springing up each week that passes.