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Nicomo Cosca
Title Captain General
Member of The Thousand Swords
Culture Styrian
Book(s) Before They Are Hanged
Last Argument of Kings
Best Served Cold (POV)
Red Country

Nicomo Cosca is a soldier of fortune, often remembered as being a drunk and a treacherous snake.

Recent EventsEdit

Before They Are HangedEdit

Cosca is in Dagoska where he controls a group of a thousand mercenaries at the service of Carlot dan Eider, Maester of the Spicers' Guild. After Sand dan Glokta received the loan from Valint and Balk in order to defend Dagoska, he used part of it to hire Cosca and so the mercenary switched sides. He led the defense of the city from the Gurkish along with General Vissbruck.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Cosca survived from the fall of Dagoska and entered once again at the service of Glokta. He led a company of mercenaries and helped Glokta to enter the Agriont as well as to arrest both Arch Lector Sult and Superior Goyle. While arresting Sult, Cosca killed the Demon Adeptus, Silber, who was conjuring the Other Side in order to put an end to Bayaz' influence over the Union. After the battle of Adua, Cosca remained some time at the side of Glokta.

Best Served ColdEdit

He started off serving as a mercenary of the Thousand Swords until he meets the young Monza Murcatto and her brother Benna Murcatto. He teaches Monza to spar and they save each other's lives once. He becomes Captain General and he and Monza engage in false fights, earning money all the same.

Monza, under the pressure of her employer Duke Orso of Talins and her brother; betrays Cosca and replaces him as Captain General. Cosca is forced into exile. During this time, roughly a few years before the First Law Trilogy, he drinks repetitively and becomes weak.

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