Ospria is an independent city-state in the east of Styria. It’s emblem is the white tower.

Government Edit

Ospria is governed by a Grand Duke, the current being Rogont. He is a popular man throughout Styria, but a somewhat unreliable schemer and over-cautious; he is mocked as Prince of Prudence, Count of Caution, and Duke of Delay. Rogont is the nephew of the former Grand Duchess Sefeline.

Geography and Culture Edit

Ospria is located on the at the southernmost end of the Urval Mountains, to the east of Styria. To the south lies Affoia, to the west lies Nicante, and to the north lies Puranti. The city is famous for producing some of the finest wine in the Circle of the World.

The city is built into the mountain slopes, upon four huge shelves. Each shelf is surrounded by its own smooth walls, and crammed with lofty buildings, stuffed with a tangle of roofs, domes, turrets. The citadel, with its four great towers, clings impossibly to the highest crag. The ancient Imperial aqueduct curves gracefully down from the mountains to meet its outermost rampart. It is considered by some the most beautiful city of the world.

History Edit

Many years ago, Ospria was the furthest outpost of The New Empire, built as a bastion to hold back the restless Baolish hordes.

About ten years before the start of the series, Grand Duchess Sefeline used the mercenary company The Thousand Swords, under Nicomo Cosca, to defeat the armies of Sipani. Fearing Cosca might seize power due to his popularity, Sefeline had poisoner Castor Morveer try to kill him. However, Cosca’s favourite mistress was poisoned by the wine instead, and he had to flee. In time, Sefeline was herself poisoned by Morveer, and her nephew Rogont assumed the Duchy.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

After Jezal dan Luthar succeeded as High King of The Union, Ospria sent their ambassadors to Adua to express their friendship.

Best Served Cold Edit

In the years before the start of the book, Ospria was one of founders of The League of Eight, against the insatiable ambition of Grand Duke Orso of Talins. However, after a series of defeats, The League is close to collapse, with Visserine next under threat, then Puranti and Ospria.

After the fall of Visserine, Rogont lures Duke Orso army into a trap near Ospria, where thanks to the Sipanese, the Gurkish, and Monza Murcatto the Talinese are router. Hovever, Rogont is poisoned during his coronation as King of all Styria by Castor Morveer.

Rogont died unmarried, without an heir, and Ospria is thrown into chaos. The only possible heir is his bastard son who Monza Murcatto carries.

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