Osrung is a town in the North, and the site of the climactic battle in The Heroes.

Geography Edit

The town of Osrung is near the centre of the North, between Carleon, and Uffrith.

The town itself is an old town, set in fields, with a few stone buildings, but mostly wooden, and a big mill. The river flows through the town with the new bridge separating the northern and southern halves. A high fence surrounds the outside of the town. In peacetime there are about three or four hundred people.

The valley around Osrung is relatively flat. There is a high hill north of the river, crowned by ancient standing stones known as The Heroes. It is said that some warriors of ancient days are buried beneath them. Two spurs swelled from it – one pushing west with a single needle of rock named Skarling’s Finger, and one to the southeast with a ring of smaller stones on top called the Children. There is another rise south of the river called Black Fell.

A fast flowing river flows through the valley. There are two bridges over the river, the new bridge in Osrung, and another to the west called the Old Bridge. To the south of the Old Bridge is a small village called Adwein, on the road south to Uffrith. The river can also be crossed by some shallows between the new and old bridge, and also via a little known path through the bogs to the far west of the Old Bridge.

An old chest-high heap of stones and moss called Clail’s Wall, runs west of the Heroes.

Recent Events Edit

The Heroes Edit

The valley of Osrung is the site of the climactic three day battle between the Union and the North. The town of Osrung was pretty much destroyed in the battle from the fighting, and the massive explosion causes by the Gurkish agent Ishri.

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