Papa Ring is a saloon owner and gangster, in the town of Crease in the Far Country, reminiscent of Al Swearengen in Deadwood. He has a bitter rivalry with The Mayor.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Papa Ring is short but with a huge belly, that causes the buttons of his fine suit to bulge. He is black-skinned with a fuzz of grey hair, one earlobe stretches out around a thick golden ring.

He constantly looks pleased with himself. Although he’s a self-confessed crook, he claims that he’s always done his best to keep his word

History Edit

Eight years ago, Crease was just twenty shacks among some ruins from the Old Empire, where trappers came to see out the winter. Both Papa Ring and Carlot dan Eider setup saloons in the town; Eider would eventually be known as The Mayor. His saloon is called Papa Ring’s Emporium of Romance, Song and Dry Goods, known locally as the Whitehouse.

Crease has since grown to be a significant mining colony. Papa Ring and The Mayor now each own half the town. They have a bitter rivalry, he working to annex Crease and its surroundings to the Union, whilst she supports the areas annexation to the Old Empire.

Red Country Edit

Papa Ring and The Mayor agree to decide their rivalry on a bare-knuckle fight to the death. Papa Ring hires Glama Golden, the “unbeatable” fighter who has grown to fame in the Near Country.

Shy South and Lamb arrive in Crease. When Papa Ring hears that The Mayor has hired the unknown Northman as her champion, he introduces himself. He tries to convince him not to fight for The Mayor, but Lamb assures Papa Ring that he’ll fight for whoever can give him Grega Cantliss, who he believes has kidnapper his children.

Papa Ring has Shy South imprisoned, and orders Lamb to throw the fight. As the fight begins between Lamb and Glama Golden, Lamb’s friend Savian enters Papa Ring’s place, and rescues Shy. Despite Lamb winning the fight, a spreading fire plunges Papa Ring’s side of town into chaos set by the Mayor.

Papa Ring is hanged in the aftermath.