Pit South and his sister Ro are stolen from their farm, and their eldest sister Shy sets off to bring them back home, with the help of their surrogate-father, Lamb.

History Edit

Pit grew up on a farm near the town of Squaredeal in Near Country with her mother and siblings Shy and Ro. One day, a scarred nine-fingered Northman named Lamb turns up at the farm, and is taken on as a farm-hand. When her mother dies, Lamb promised to look after the children. He once whittled a toy horse for Pit.

Red Country Edit

Shy take her farm’s crop to market in Squaredeal, accompanied by her surrogate-father Lamb. While they’re away, bandits led by Grega Cantliss attack the farm, burned it out, and hang the old farm-hand Gully. Pit and his sister are kidnapped.

As they and the bandits move west, Cantliss gathers more and more children. Eventually, there are twenty-one children, none older than ten. They travel by land and boat until they reach a region of hills with geothermal activity called Ashranc; Ashranc is the home of the Dragon People, a settlement carved into the mountainside.

Pit and Ro settle into life with the Dragon People, receiving lessons of the Maker, and working to make spears. Pit like his sister agrees to have his head shaved, like all the other Dragon People.

Eventually, Cantliss leads Shy, Lamb and Cosca and his mercenaries to Ashranc. Pit tries to defend the Dragon People with a spear, but Temple talks him down, telling him that he is here with Shy. The children are liberated, and Pit is fine, but Ro seems altered by her captivity, empathising with the Dragon People, similar to Stockholm Syndrome.

As they journey back to Squaredeal, Ro and some of the children decide to run away back to the Dragon People, but Pit refuses to go and Lamb catches Ro. Back in Squaredeal, after his confrontation with Caul Shivers, Lamb decides to leave; Pit cries as he leaves.

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