Red Hat is a Named Northman, who eventually joins The Dogman's crew of rebel Northmen, opposed to Bethod's ruthless ambitions to be King of the Northmen.

History Edit

Red Hat was loyal to Old Man Yawl, who was opposed to Bethod. He was in the battle at a tow called Ineward, where he first encountered Logen Ninefingers on the opposing side. When Yawl was killed in a duel with Bethod's champion Fenris the Feared, Red Hat reluctantly went over to Bethod, joining Littlebone's Carls.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Red Hat joins The Dogman's growing crew as more and more Northmen turn against Bethod, displeased with his witch, his allies from beyond the Crinna, his champion The Feared, and worst of all, his alliance with the Shanka. Red Hat and Dogman's crew seize the town of Uffrith with as little bloodshed as possible, to allow The Union to use the city as a port for supplies.

When Logen also joins The Dogman's, Red Hat tries to welcome the famed Named Man to the crew, but Ninefingers is too wary to welcome the goodwill. In the seven days of bloody siege in the High Places, Red Hat fights in Logen’s crew on the walls. Red Hat also holds a shield for Logen in the duel with Fenris the Feared.

After Bethod's final defeat in Carleon, Red Hat accompany new King Logen south to help The Union repel the Gurkish invasion of Midderland. Many of the war-weary Northmen go reluctantly, however during the Battle of Adua when Red Hat expresses all their doubts, he gets headbutted in the face for his efforts. However, Red Hat still helps Ninefingers when he is attacked by an Eater.

In the end, Red Hat has become disillusioned with Logen's leadership, but when he expresses his thoughts to Dogman, his former chief sends him slinking away chastened.

The Heroes Edit

In the intervening years, Red Hat has remained loyal to The Dogman. During the third day of the decisive battle between The Union and The North, Red Hat's crew are hidden in the orchard north of the central ford. They stealthily kill many of the Northmen in the orchard, and they pretend that the Bloody-Nine is with they to cause the others to flee. This allows The Union to make their attempted assault on the hilltop, The Heroes.

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