Lord Reutzer is the Lord Admiral of The Union's fleet, and a member of the Closed Council.

History Edit

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Admiral Reutzer is in Adua when the Gurkish landed in Midderland near Keln. He sends the fleet to Angland to bring the bulk of the Union Army under Lord Marshal West back from the First Northern War.

With the Gurkish on the verge of breaching the inner city and the Agriont itself, Marshal West and the Union Army finally return to Midderland. They marched on the city immediately. Meanwhile, Admiral Reutzer leads the Union ships in an attack against the massive Gurkish fleet blockading the harbour. The battle is turned when Grand Duke Orso of Talins, the father-in-law of King Jezal, and his fleet suddenly appears. Together they rout the Gurkish at sea. Reutzer himself is wounded in the battle by a cutlass to the guts, and not expected to survive.

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