Colonel Rigrat is a senior officer in the Talinese army, and General Ganmark’s second in command. He is a man in his late thirties, with a sharp-face, sharp-voice, and sharp sense of self-satisfaction. He always wears a well-pressed uniform.

History Edit

Best Served Cold Edit

With the death of General Ganmark in the sack of Visserine, Rigrat takes a more active role in the command of Duke Orso's forces, along with Prince Foscar. Before the battle of Ospria, Rigrat orders Nicomo Cosca, the captain general of The Thousand Swords, to lead the attack across the lower river ford, while the Talinese forces flank the enemy. However, Cosca frowns and laments that the moral amongst the mercenaries is very poor after loosing two captain generals in quick succession; Monza Murcatto and Faithful Carpi; they are much better suited to the flanking role. Colonel Rigrat is forced to reluctantly agree.

Nevertheless, on the day of the battle, The Thousand Swords fail to attack. Eventually, Colonel Rigrat storms into their encampment to demand that Cosca attack. Cosca leads him into his tent with Captain Andiche and First Sergeant Friendly. Cosca reveals that he has taken money from the Gurkish not to attack. As Rigrat squares up to Cosca, Friendly disarms him. Then Cosca inexplicably runs through Andiche. Assuming he should follow his captain general's lead, Friendly stabs Rigrat to death with his knife. However, Cosca is not please, as he had intended on ransoming the Colonel, but he quickly shrugs it off. Cosca goes on to claim that Andiche gave his life to save him from Rigrat, who tried to kill him. The battle of Ospria end in a crushing defeat for the Talinese.

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