You were a hero round these parts. That’s what they call you when you kill so many people the word murderer falls short.

–Sajaam of Monza Murcatto, Best Served Cold

Sajaam is an old friend of Monza Murcatto, and a former member of The Thousand Swords, who now runs a smoke-house in Talins.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sajaam is a big old Kantic man, with broad-shoulders and a creased face. His skin is oily dark, with short hair and a beard dusted with iron grey. He has a habit of flipping a gold coin across his knuckles. Friendly considers him the only honest man he knows.

History Edit

Years ago, Sajaam was a member of the mercenary company The Thousand Swords, under Nicomo Cosca, where he also met Monza Murcatto; Sajaam acted the companies notary. At some point, Sajaam was imprisoned in Safety, where he befriended a man named Friendly for protection. Eventually, he made enough money from the other convicts, to buy his own freedom. Once freed himself, he also bought Friendly’s freedom too. Now, Sajaam runs a gambling and husk-house in Talins.

Best Served Cold Edit

Sajaam gets a visit from a Northman called Caul Shivers, who orders him to meet his old frield Nicomo Cosca in the usual places. When he gets there, he's shocked to be greeted by Monza, who Duke Orso has calimed was assassinated by The League of Eight. Monza announces that she intends to kill the seven men responsible for her brother Benna’s death, and want the favours he owes her. Sajaam reluctantly agrees, and gives her Friendly, and introductions to the poisoner Castor Morveer and the fixer Shylo Vitari.

Later, Sajaam gets a visit from the assassin Shenkt, who is seeking information to track down Monza. When he refuses, Shenkt slows time with his Art and dispatches the dozens of guards in the room, leaving only one alive. The wounded Sajaam relents and admits that Monza is currently in Visserine to kill General Ganmark, and after that she’ll probably go east to keep ahead of Duke Orso’s army, maybe Puranti to kill Faithful Carpi. After admitting all he knows, Sajaam begs for his life but Shenkt shows no mercy.

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