Salamo Narba is the Imperial Legate and governor of the city of Calcis in the Old Empire.


Narba is a huge fat man, with a fleshy round-faced and fingers heavy with golden rings.[1]

Recent EventsEdit

Before They Are HangedEdit

Narba summoned the new arrivals in his city, the Magus Bayaz and Jezal, to his audience chamber, worried about their presence. Bayaz explains his plans to journey beyond the Aos river. However, Narba argues that the situation in the Old Empire is far too volatile. The bridges are inaccessible due to infighting between the various warlords and self-proclaimed Emperors; Scario, Goltus and Cabrian. In fact, the Legate makes it quite clear that Bayaz himself is unwelcome in the city. The Magus Zacharus was in Calcis just a month ago, arguing in favour of Goltus as Emperor, and he too was unwelcome. He demands that Bayaz leave within three days, but Bayaz gets pissy and insist he’ll leave immediately.[1]


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