Whoever would’ve thought … I’d die fighting?

–Salier's last words

Grand Duke Salier of Visserine is one of the leaders of The League of Eight, along with Grand Duke Rogont of Ospria.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Duke Salier is a massively obese man, with rolls of fat around his jowls. He is a gourmand and quite the connoisseur, with one of the finest collection of art in the Circle of the World. He's a very poor and rash military leader, and has suffered multiple defeats against Orso's forces despite having the superior numbers.

History Edit

Some years ago, Duke Salier employed the renowned mercenary Nicomo Cosca in a border dispute with Puranti, and the pair became close friends.

Salier was one of the three founding members of the League of Eight, saying he’d rather die than kneel to Grand Duke Orso of Talins; this despite once being an ally of Orso. Visserine and their allies suffered a defeat at Sweet Pines, when Salier rashly engaged Orso’s forces without waiting for Duke Rogont to arrive. In the months before the start of the Best Served Cold, Salier suffered another defeat in the battle on the High Bank, despite having three times the numbers.

Best Served Cold Edit

Duke Salier and the other members of the League of Eight attend a peace conference in Sipani organised by King Jezal of The Union. However, the conference falls apart when Duke Orso's son, Prince Ario, is assassinated in Cardotti’s House of Leisure.

When the season begins, Visserine is put to under siege by Duke Orso’s forces led by General Ganmark. Duke Salier reacts immediately, by accepting that the city is doomed, and spending his days joking about his imminent death. Meanwhile, Monza Murcatto has infiltrated the city intent on killing Ganmark by disguising themselves as Talinese soldiers. She and some of her crew are arrested as spies and tortured, despite not knowing who she is. However, Duke Salier's old friend Nicomo Cosca arrives at the gates of the palace, and pleas for their lives, although not before Caul Shivers loses an eye.

Monza knows Ganmark will come for Duke Salier's art collection as soon as the palace is breached, and persuades Duke Salier as a last act of defiance to help her kill Ganmark; Salier is determined to die with dignity. As Ganmark breaks into the palace, Monza and her crew dress in their Talinese uniforms. When Ganmark's soldiers burst into the art gallery, they are surprised to see what seems to be fellow soldiers having captures Duke Salier. As soon as Ganmark himself arrives, Day drops the portcullis sealing them inside. As chaos ensues, even Duke Salier plays his part, whipping a small-sword from behind his back and killing a soldier before being skewered by General Ganmark.

With no heir, Nicomo Cosca succeeds in becoming Grand Duke of Visserine, although it seems only briefly.

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