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Sand dan Glokta
Before They Are Hanged mmpb A
Sand Dan Glokta, as illustrated by Chris McGrath for the cover of 'Before They Are Hanged'.
Title Inquisitor
Superior of Dagoska
Superior of Adua
Arch Lector
Member of The King's Inquisition
The Union
Book(s) The Blade Itself (POV)
Before They Are Hanged (POV)
Last Argument of Kings (POV)
Best Served Cold (mentioned)

Every man has his excuses, and the more vile the man becomes, the more touching the story has to be. What is my story now, I wonder?

–Sand dan Glokta, The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie

Sand dan Glokta is a tortured turned torturer, an Inquisitor in the Union's Inquisition, and a major point of view character created by Joe Abercrombie for The First Law Trilogy.


A former cavalry officer in the King's Own, Colonel Glokta was considered a rising star, especially after winning The Contest. He was a frequent womaniser and a possible future candidate for the title of Lord Marshal. This was brought sharply to a close when he was captured, imprisoned and tortured for two years by the Gurkish during The Gurkish War, one of the few prisoners to survive for so long in such a condition.

He now serves as an Inquisitor in the House of Questions, torturing perceived traitors for information, and anyone else who they think knows something. He is aided in this by Practicals Severard and Frost.


Glokta's visit to the Emperor's prisons has left him severely crippled, most notably in his left leg, which is prone to spasms of intense pain[1], possibly the result of muscle death or simply severe, repeated breakages. He has half his teeth, but where the teeth were removed above, they were left below, so that he cannot eat solid foods.[2]


Glokta is bitter and whimsical towards life in general, often mocking his own condition, and views steps as his greatest enemies and chairs as his greatest allies. He often asks himself why he tortures others as he was tortured, rarely coming up with a satisfactory answer but carrying on regardless.[1]

Throughout the series, his ruthless nature and sly ability to out-think his opponents means he survives many encounters, but commits many morally questionable acts, from wholesale torture to merciless slaughter. 

He does not fear death, and even wishes it many times, since he believes that death is the only thing that would make him stop what he does. But each time he thinks the end is near, he escapes death miraculously to his own disappointment. 

Perhaps Glokta's greatest asset is his lack of fear - at no point does Glokta act based entirely on fear, while others around him often scramble, making hasty decisions in the process. 

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade ItselfEdit

Glokta's story starts with him torturing a member of the Guild of Mercers, Salem Rews, who supposedly dodged the King's taxes. Being friends with Arch Lector Sult, Superior Kalyne reports this to him, and Sult tells Glokta to further investigate this issue. Upon torturing many members of the Guild, he finds out that the fraud was generalized, and that all the orders came directly from Kault, head of the Guild. He leads a military expedition at the Guild Headquarters and arrests several members, but is unable to prevent Magister Kault to commit suicide. Right before hanging himself, he tells him to look for treachery in the bank Valint and Balk and the Closed Council.

Glokta then meets Bayaz, first of the Magi, whom Arch Lector Sult, convinced he is a fraud, wants him to watch.

During the Contest he supports Bremer dan Gorst because he despises Jezal dan Luthar. Upon seeing Jezal win, he's the first to guess that Bayaz cheated, even though he disbelieves it. He is then chosen along with Jezal and Logen Ninefingers to be the witness of the opening of the House of the Maker. He judges this visit as awfully painful.

After the departure of the Union army to the North, Glokta is named Superior of Dagoska where he is sent with full powers to hold the city against the Gurkish.

Before They Are HangedEdit

Last Argument of KingsEdit

Charged with bribing and threatening Sult's way to victory for the upcoming elections to decide who will be the next King of the Union, Glokta pays visits to nobles around Adua whose vote he can influence, like the Lords Ingelstad and Wetterlant. [3][4]


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