Sangeed is the old chief of a tribe of Ghosts, with a fearsome reputation as the terrible scourge of the plains.

Appearance and Personality Edit

When he was younger, Sangeed had a mighty frame before which the Far Country had trembled. Now, he’s an old man withered to a shell, who can barely walk. His breathing is wet and crackly, and one half of his leathery face sags. He wears a cloak of feathers, over a tarnished breastplate of the Old Empire, and three necklaces of human ears, proof of his great prowess. He had a reputation as a fearsome warrior, and also a practical thinker, but he is long past his best.

History Edit

In Sangeed’s youth the Ghost’s and their herds were strong and numerous. However, over the years, the newcomers to the Far Country, have stolen their herds and the good grazing ground, and hunted the wild beasts to nothing. The Ghosts are now scattered and taken to drink. Sangeed is determined that the Ghosts would not fade without a fight, raiding the fellowships crossing the plains.

Red Country Edit

Shy and Lamb travel with Abram Majud’s Fellowship, guided by Dab Sweet, making their journey across the Far Country to Crease. Along the way, Sweet tells tales of Ghost war-bands that have massacred whole fellowship of prospectors and taken their ears. In secret, Dab Sweet makes a deal with Sangeed’s tribe to sell out the Fellowship, for half the money. He urges them to show themselves in fighting style, riding round and shouting, and the fellowship will pay them off. It’s clear that this isn’t the first time Sweet has made such a deal.

The Ghost war-band raid turns violent, and the Fellowship is sorely pressed, before driving away the attackers, despite losses. During truce talks Sweet negotiates with Sangeed through his translator Locway. Sangeed eventually agrees a price less than half his original demand, in money and cattle. Then, Lamb slowly stands, saying “I’ve a better offer”. He kills three of the Ghosts, then chops off Sangeed’s head, leaving only Locway alive to take a message back to the war-band. The next day the Ghosts are gone.

In Crease, Dab Sweet is given credit for killing Sangeed against his will, to add to his legendary reputation.

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