Imperial Legate Sarmis is a war leader of Emperor Goltus the First of the Old Empire, with has a fearsome reputation, who has been worrying the borders of the Near Country and the Far Country for years.

Recent Events Edit

Red Country Edit

The Mayor is desperate to prevent Crease being annexed to the Union, so make overtures to the Old Empire through the magi Zacharus.

When Nicomo Cosca tracks Shy South and Temple to Crease, looking for the gold they stole from him, he finds that the Mayor and Sarmis have signed a treaty annexing Crease to the Old Empire. Inquisitor Lorsen, not wanting to start a war between the Union and the Old Empire, has Cosca is arrested. The treaty is later revealed to be a sham, and Imperial Legate Sarmis was really the actor Iosiv Lestek.

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