Brave as a bull, strong as a bull, thick as a bull’s arse.

Bayaz on Scale

Scale is the brutish eldest son of Bethod, and half-brother to Calder.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Scale is a monstrously large, brawny man with a rock of a head that seems almost an afterthought, topped with blond hair. He looks like a bull, and a particularly mean and muscular one at that. He is blunt-featured, with a block of jaw, a flat stub of a nose, and bulging little eyes. He's the opposite of his brother in almost every way, apart from the constant sneer[1].

Scale is brutal and brave man, who lead his warriors from the front. Quick to anger, but notoriously slow to think. He's known for his fighting prowess, often carring a broadsword and mace combo in battle

History Edit

The Blade Itself Edit

Scale accompanies his father and his sorceress Caurib to visit Bayaz in the Great Northern Library. He is shocked to see Logen Ninefingers there too, who has been exiled by Bethod. Bethod quickly demands to know where Bayaz stands in his planned war with The Union. After some verbal foreplay, Bayaz rejects Bethod’s overtures of friendship. Scale and Caurib get angry but Bayaz silences them with a word. The trio leave, but not before making threats. Bayaz has made an enemy this day and Logen can expect no more mercy.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

At the end of the war, when his father is besieged in Carleon by The Union and eventually killed by Logen , Scale and his brother Calder flee.

New King Logen soon goes south to help The Union in the Battle of Adua, leaving Black Dow behind to hunt down Bethod's sons. Rather than killing Calder and Scale, Dow negotiates with them instead, and the three of them decide to kill Logen. When Logen realises he's been betrayed by Black Dow, and he's forced to jump from a window in order to save his life.

The Heroes Edit

Scale fights in the battle on the side of Black Dow as one of his war chiefs. He is confronted on the second day on the Old Bridge by Bremer dan Gorst, who severely injures him. Scale is believed dead until after the battle, when it is revealed he survived and has been released back to the northern lines by the Union. However, he has lost a hand and is now a withered shell of the man he was. Calder intends to kill him to remove Scale's claim on the throne, but instead takes pity on him, and places Bethod's chain around Scale's neck, making him King of the Northmen.

References Edit

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