Sepp dan Teufel is the Master of the Mints within the govenment of the Union.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sepp dan Teufel is a strong, noble-looking man, with well manicured fingernails. He is a right-handed gentleman.

Teufel is a well connected man in the government of the Union, and a close ally of the powerful High Justice Marovia. He also has friends within the Guild of Mercers. He is a proud man, stubborn in his belief that his power can protect him from any ills. He often frequents brothels.


The Blade ItselfEdit

Sepp dan Teufel was Master of the Mints. With the death of Lord Chancellor Feekt, he was supported by Marovia as the foremost candidate to replace him on the Closed Council. However, Arch Lector Sult conspired to remove Teufel as a candidate, in order to promote his own preferred candidate. He arranged for him to be incriminated in the confession of Salem Rews, a member of the merchang Guild of Mercers who has been convicted of evading the King's taxes.
Teufel is arrested by Inquisitor Glokta and his Practicals. In the cells under the House of Questions, he refuses to confess and threatens to involve High Justice Marovia. However, Glokta responds by methodically chopping away at his fingers inch by inch. Finally, Teufel confesses and is sent to the Inquisition's prison-mines in Angland.

Trivia Edit

  • "Teufel" means "Devil" in German.