My name is Shabbed al Islik Burai. I come as emissary from the rightful ruler of all the South, mighty Emperor of mighty Gurkhul and all the Kantic lands, Uthman-ul-Dosht, loved, feared, and favoured above all other men within the Circle of the World, anointed by God’s right hand, the Prophet Khalul himself.

–The Ambassador to Dagoska's Ruling Council

Ambassador Shabbed al Islik Burai is Uthman-ul-Dosht's emissary sent to Dagoska to offer terms.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The ambassador is a hugely tall and thin man, with a majestic presence. His nose is prominent and hooked, his eyes burned with intelligence, his long, thin beard is neatly brushed. He holds his body awesomely erect, long neck stretched out, chin held high, so that he looks down at everything and everyone. He wears a sweeping white robe with gold thread, and a tall head-dress.

History Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

General Vissbruck allows the Ambassador into the city without telling Superior Glokta, and is at the meeting with Korsten dan Vurms, Eider, and the emissary which Glokta interrupts. Shabbed al Islik Burai explains that the Emperor will allow The Union personnel to leave Dagoska unharmed, if they peacefully surrender the city. Since The Union is overstretched fighting wars on two fronts, the offer is generous, and Glokta promises to give him a decision before sunset.

However, after the meeting, Glokta take the Ambassador into custody. In a dank interrogation room below the palace, Glokta questions the Gurkish emissary about the traitor within Dagoska. After a few pieces are sliced and diced, the man admits that Vurms and Eider are the traitors. Practical Frost then chops off the Ambassadors head, which is presented to Vurms and Eider at their arrest.

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