Countess Shalere is Princess Terez’s closest friend since childhood, and in secret her lover.

History Edit

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Countess Shalere accompanies Princess Terez to Adua for her marriage to King Jezal of The Union. She acts as the Queen lady-in-waiting and the pair are almost inseparable. Shalere openly shows her disdain for the illegitimate-born King.

Arch Lector Glokta quietly offers to help the King with his unhappy marriage. He finds Queen Terez in her salon with Countess Shalere, who makes no effort to hide her disgust at the cripple. Glokta brings up the subject of the Queen’s 'wifely duties'. As the ladies bridle at his bluntness, Glokta notices the doting touches of the Queen and her childhood friend. The cogs turn, and Glokta has a solution to his dilemma. Terez’ lover is taken into custody, only to be released when the Queen is pregnant. Terez’ body deflates as she agrees to the Arch Lectors' demands for four royal offspring.