Sipani is an independent city-state in the south-west of Styria, known as the City of Fogs, City of Whispers, City of Revels, City of Rogues. It is home to the famous whorehouse Cardotti's House of Leisure.

Government Edit

The city is governed by Chancellor Sotorius who is now very old, and it's emblem is the Cockleshell banner. Long ago, Sipani subjugated the city-state of Muris.

Geography and Culture Edit

Sipani is coastal city in the south-west of Styria, on the shore of the Azure Sea. To the west lies Westport, and to the north lies Borletta and Visserine.

Sipani is full of canals, bridges, and barges; reminiscent of Venice. Thick fog is a regular feature in the city. Houses are generally wood-built connected by twisting flagstoned streets.

Sipani is most famous for its celebrations, entertainers, and pleasure houses; as well as killers. One of it's most famous whorehouses is Cardotti’s House of Leisure. Cardotti’s is an old merchant’s palace, built in wood around three sides of a courtyard with the Eighth Canal at its rear. On the ground floor are kitchens and offices, and a hall for husk and another for cards and dice. On the first floor are thirteen rooms where whores entertain guests. On the top floor, three large suites for the most valued guests.

History Edit

Sotorius has kept Sipani neutral for the two decades of the Years of Blood; independent of both Grand Duke Orso of Talins, and the League of Eight.

Best Served Cold Edit

King Jezal goes to Sipani to lead a peace conference between Duke Orso and the League of Eight. Monza goes to the city knowing that Prince Ario will be there. She adds Shylo Vitari to her crew, who introduces her to Carlot dan Eider, Ario's mistress, who is arranging a masked ball at Cardotti’s. They blackmail her to help them get close to Ario. Monza succeeds in killing Duke Orso's eldest son, although things don't go smoothly, and Cardotti’s burns to the ground.

In the decisive battle between Duke Rogont and Duke Orso, the Sipanese surprisingly join forces with Rogont. Apparently, after Monza killed Ario in Sipani, Sotorius knew Orso would never forgive the city for the death of his son. When Rogont is victorious, Sotorius, Lirozio and Patine intend to crowned Rogont, the King of all Styria. However, they are all killed by the poisoner Morveer on the orders of Duke Orso.

In the end, Sotorius’ sons fought each other for the Duchy of Sipani.

The Heroes Edit

Marshal Mitterick is sent to Sipani to support them in their fight against Grand Duchess Monza of Talins.

Red Country Edit

It is revealed that Sipani has fallen to Monza.

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