Lord Smund is a member of Crown Prince Ladisla's group of useless flunkies. Smund is a little over twenty, and a man of impeccable lineage and immense fortune.

History Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

The Closed Council encourage Prince Ladisla to go to Angland with the Union Army fighting in the First Northern War, to win the hearts of his people and to compensate for his reputations as a vain fop. Lord Smund joins him, as a member of his staff, although his main contribution is disturbing meetings and drinking wine in Ladisla's opulent tent.

When Colonel West informs the Prince that the Northern army are within fives days march, and argues for an orderly withdrawal, it is Lord Smund who goads Ladisla on to meet Bethod's force in battle. On the day of the battle, Smund urges the Prince to send the cavalry straight up the hill at the Northmen, where they are promptly massacred. As Bethod's army unleash hell, Lord Smund is one of the first to be killed with a sword in the head, when the Northmen reach the Prince’s headquarters.

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