Chancellor Sotorius is the ruler of the city-state of Sipani. He has kept Sipani neutral throughout the two decades of the Years of Blood, independent of both Grand Duke Orso of Talins and The League of Eight.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sotorius is an old man, probably in his eighties, given that the eldest of his many sons is about sixty. He has thin white hair and beard, and hobbles with a cane, hunched under the weight of the heavy chain of office. Half-blind he may be, but he still has clearer sight than most, having made a rich and glorious career from peace. He is a cautious man, and has built up immunity to many common poisons.

History Edit

Best Served Cold Edit

Chancellor Sotorius hosts the peace conference organised by King Jezal of The Union in Sipani, between Duke Orso and The League of Eight. However, the conference falls apart when Duke Orso's son, Prince Ario, is assassinated in Cardotti’s House of Leisure by Monza Murcatto. Ario was under the Chancellor's protection. Sotorius knew Duke Orso would never forgive him for the death of his son, and that Sipani was doomed unless Orso could be defeated. In secret, he agreed with Duke Rogont of Ospria to bring Sipani into The League of Eight.

Duke Rogont lures the Talinese army into battle near Ospria, to allow Chancellor Sotorius' forces to flank them. However, before the Sipanese can arrive, the Osprians begin to break. Duke Rogont considers retreat, but Monza scoffs at his caution. She gathers the cavalry and charges into the fray. The charge stops the Talinese long enough for the Sipanese to join the battle and turn the tide. Duke Orso's force is utterly routed.

After the defeat of the Talinese army, other Styrian city-state flood to Rogont’s side including The Thousand Swords mercenary company. With some resignation, Chancellor Sotorius is amongst the city-state rulers who are to crown Rogont the King of all Styria, along with Lirozio of Puranti, Patine of Nicante, Cotarda of Affoia, and Monza, now Grand Duchess of Talins. However, the crown is poisoned by the master poisoner Castor Morveer, who is now working for Orso's backers Valint & Balk. During the ceremony, moments after the crown is placed on Rogont's head, Sotorius and all of the city-state rulers including Rogont fall down dead, except for Monza who is saved by the glove she always wears on her crippled hand.

Sipani is thrown into chaos, with Sotorius’ sons fighting each other for the Duchy.

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