No heroism apparent.

–Sworbreck's assessment of Cosca and his mercenaries

Spillion Sworbreck is a writer travelling in the Near Country with Nicomo Cosca, seeking stories of glory from the famed soldier of fortune.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sworbreck is a small, timid man who wears eyeglasses.

History Edit

Sworbreck's previous publications include the Tales of Harod the Great in five volumes, and The Life of Casamir, Hero of Angland in eight-volumes.

Red Country Edit

Sworbreck is in Starikland intent on writing the biography of Nicomo Cosca, the famed soldier of fortune, hoping to hear tales to stir the blood and inspire the Union’s citizens. Cosca is employed by Superior Pike to track down Conthus who led the rebellion in Starikland, as well as other rebels.

Cosca and his mercenaries wreak havoc on the towns of the Near Country. Sworbreck observes that many of the men find it enjoyable simply to break things. Sworbreck had rarely observed violence of even the mildest sort before. Finding himself suddenly dropped into the midst of battle, he feel both fearful and yet longed to see more.

Cosca and Sworbreck reach Crease in the Far Country, where Cosca hopes to find a man named Grega Cantliss, who he believes has some ancient gold. Shy and Lamb are preparing to go into the mountains with Cantliss after the children, and joins forces with them. On the way, Sworbreck tries to question Crying Rock and Lamb about their history, but they scornfully dismiss him. In Ashranc, a city carved into the mountainside, and home to the Dragon People, the mercenaries kill most of the people, sack the city, and steal the massive treasury. The writer Sworbreck is horrified by the violence and greed.

Later, in Beacon, Lamb comes to rescue Savian, who Cosca claims is the rebel leader Conthus. Cosca is dismayed to see Sworbreck finally writing furiously, thrilled at a man who came to the rescue of his friend in the face of impossible odds. Cosca and Sworbreck track Shy and Temple back to Crease, looking for the gold they stole from him. However, The Mayor signs a treaty with the Old Empire to keep Union forces from annexing it. Inquisitor Lorsen, not wanting to start a war between the Union and the Old Empire, has Cosca, Friendly, and Sworbreck disarmed and arrested. Sworbreck has no weapon, so they take his pencil instead.

On the journey back to Squaredeal, Shy and Lamb encounter Cosca, who has escaped imprisonment and is still looking to get his gold back. Just as things are about to turn violent, Cosca is knifed through the chest by Sworbreck. In the end, Sworbreck decides he wants to write an authentic portrait of the taming and settlement of the Far Country with Dab Sweet.

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