Black Dow: Any man can do what he likes. Right, Splitfoot?
Splitfoot: Right, Chief.
Black Dow: Just as long as it’s exactly what I fucking tell ’em to do.

Black Dow and Splitfoot, The Heroes

Splitfoot is Black Dow’s second, meaning he leads Dow’s Carls, and acts as his chief bodyguard and arse-licker. He oozes danger.

Recent Events Edit

The Last Argument Of The Kings Edit

Splitfoot was one of the Carls who helped Black Dow in the fight against Logen Ninefingers after he was made king of The North. Logen cut through Splitfoots foot, splitting it up to the ankle, thus giving him his "naming wound".

The Heroes Edit

On the first day, Splitfoot is with Black Dow, and Ironhead and Tenways’ crews, as they make the proper effort on the Heroes, and comprehensively breaking the Union defenders.

On the second day, when Bayaz tests his cannons, they hit one of the standing stones, which decapitates Splitfoot. Curnden Craw takes over as Dow's Second.

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