Stone-Splitter: I’ll put you back in the mud you coward fucking liar!
The Bloody-Nine: Kill me? I do the killing, fool!

–The Stone-Splitter and Logen Ninefingers, The Blade Itself

The Stone-Splitter is a Named Man from the North, and one of Superior Goyle’s eclectic group of Practicals of the Inquisition. He is called Practical Byre.

Appearance Edit

Stone-Splitter is a huge man, with a face like a stone slab.

Recent Events Edit

The Blade Itself Edit

Goyle sends his Practicals to arrest Ferro Maljinn, so that they can find out what Bayaz is up to. They eventually corner, her and Logen Ninefingers in a room near the Agriont. After Logen goes all Bloody-Nine and lays waste to the other Practicals, the Stone-Splitter confronts him. When the Bloody-Nine tells him his name, Stone-Splitter calls him a liar. Stone-Splitter came at him with a great axe and a mace in each hand, but the Bloody-Nine’s chops them into sticks and then headbutts him into unconsciousness.

Stone-Splitter survives but his face is left a ruin; his cheeks uneven, his brows wonky, and the bridge of his nose pointed sharply to the left.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

The Stone-Splitter continues to work for Superior Goyle, protecting whatever is going on in the University. When Sand dan Glokta goes to the University during the Battle of Adua, the Stone-Splitter and Vitari are there. Glokta eventually tricks Vitari into letting them through, by threatening her children.

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