At Yeweald I fought the Dog Tribe and was pierced with seven arrows. But I fought on, and made a hill of their dead, and made their land my land, and their women and children my people.

–Stranger-Come-Knocking to Black Dow, The Heroes

Stranger-Come-Knocking is a giant man, obsessed with civilisation, and chieftain of the region beyond the Crinna.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Stranger-Come-Knocking is a freakish towering savage, with black hair streaked with grey and a craggy, bearded face. The self-proclaimed greatest warrior in the world.

History Edit

Stranger-Come-Knocking was once known as Pip, but a big man needs a big Name. He became chief of the region east of the river Crinna, beyond which the clans are considered uncivilized … even for the North.

The Heroes Edit

Stranger-Come-Knocking comes to joins Black Dow's army, because he wants a good fight; he also repeatedly asks about fighting his own allies, including Whirrun of Bligh or the Bloody-Nine. Dow is unimpressed, since the North is full of hard men, and calls him Crinna-Come-Boasting and later Stranger-Come-Fucking.

On day one of the battle, Stranger-Come-Knocking and his ragged men raid Lord Governor Meed’s headquarters, killing the governor of Angland and most of his men. He takes Finree dan Brock and Aliz dan Brint hostage. Dow later demands Finree be released to him, which Stranger-Come-Knocking takes as an insult. He wants the women to give him children, and Finree has more courage than Aliz.

Stranger-Come-Knocking holds a shield for Calder in the duel in the circle with Black Dow, due to his respect for his father Bethod… and because there was more room on Calder’s side. When Calder wins the duel dubiously thanks to Caul Shivers, Stranger-Come-Knocking is the first to pronounce Calder the rightful winner, and names him Black Calder.

In the end, Bayaz reveals that Stranger-Come-Knocking is one of his pawns, which is why he supported Calder as the rightful winner. The last we see of Aliz dan Brint, she's still in the clutches of Stranger-Come-Knocking, who wants children; civilised children.

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