Sufeen is a scout in Nicomo Cosca’s mercenary company, who tries to remains a man of principle.

Personality Edit

Sufeen is deeply religious, and still idealistic despite his time with the mercenaries. He’s big with talk and movement and laughter.

History Edit

Sufeen is probably Dagoskan, and a member of Nicomo Cosca’s mercenary company in Starikland, acting as a scout.

Red Country Edit

Despite the futility, Sufeen gives water to the prisoners from the failed rebellion in Starikland. The company is hired by the Inquisition to track down a rebel leader known as Conthus, who has fled into the Near Country.

Cosca and his mercenaries wreak havoc on the towns of the Near Country. In Averstock, Sufeen insists on attempting to talk to the townsfolk into surrendering any rebels, and his friend Temple reluctantly goes with him. Before they have time to talk things over, the mercenaries charge into the town and many of the townsfolk are slaughtered unnecessarily, including Sufeen who is stabbed with Temple surrendered knife.

Sufeen's example convinces Temple to leave the company and try to be a better man.

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