The Contest is an annual fencing competition, contested by the greatest swordsmen in The Union. It is held in the Square of Marshals within the Agriont in Adua. Competitors come from all across the three Kingdoms and two Protectorate Cities of The Union for the event. Although, most entrants are nobles, even commoners can enter. It is a hugely popular spectator event, which gathers most of the capital's population, including High King of the Union and the royal family. Betting on the outcome of bouts is widespread.

Format Edit

Fighters wield two swords, one long steel, and one short. It's a form of swordplay somewhat reminscent of the European parrying dagger, or Musashi's katana/wakizashi combination. The fights occur in small circular ring of dry yellow grass. Each bout is won by either touching the opponent with the steel, or knocking them out of the ring. Fights consist of the best of between three and seven touches; three in the first round, five in the semi-final, and seven in the final.

Past Champions Edit

The champion of The Contest each year usually becomes a rising star within The Union, potentially destined for a seat on the Closed Council. In their day, the following have won the Contest:

Three of the previous champions were trained by Lord Marshall Varuz: Sand dan Glokta, Collem West and eventually Jezal dan Luthar.

History Edit

Before the First Gurkish War, Sand dan Glokta won The Contest and became a rising star in the Union Army. However, he was capture and torture by the Gurkish during the war. He returned to The Union a cripple, shunned by polite society, and eventually had few options but to enter The Inquisition. He is now never mentioned as a previous winner of The Contest.

During The Blade Itself, it was won by Jezal dan Luthar who beat Bremer dan Gorst in the final, due to the cheating of the First of the Magi.