Kanedias. He certainly knew how to make a weapon. The Master Maker indeed, eh, your Majesty?

Yoru Sulfur to Jezal dan Luthar

The Divider is an ancient and powerful weapon crafted by the Master Maker himself, Kanedias; a weapon against which no steel, no stone, no magic can protect you. Kanedias claimed that it has two edges; one here, and one on The Other Side.

Description Edit

The Divider only vaguely looks like a weapon, similar to an axe. It has a long handle, made from tiny metal tubes, all twisted about each other. At one end there is a scored grip, at the other there is a flat piece of metal, pierced with small holes, a long, thin hook curving out from it. On the grip is the mark of Kanedias, silver in the dark metal, the same as on Logen’s sword.

History Edit

Many centuries ago, Kanedias crafted many artefacts in the House of the Maker, including The Divider. He gathered from far and wide some fragments of material from The Other Side, left over from the Old Time when Demons still walked the earth. He tapped the power of these splinters, to incorporate them into his artefacts and machines.

When Kanedias and his brother Juvens confronted each other, for Juvens' apprentices defilement of his daughter, and Kanedias' breaking of the First Law, the two fought. In the end, Kanedias killed Juvens with The Divider, according the Bayaz.

Recent Events Edit

When Bayaz first visits the House of the Maker, he and Logen see The Divider resting on the white-stone plinth. They leave The Divider, and only take the empty Dark Metal Box created to carry The Seed.

When Bayaz visits the House the second time, and Malacus Quai reveals himself to be Tolomei, Bayaz uses The Divider to fight her. Tolomei’s hand is sliced off cleanly, and a great wound is scored down the wall and deep into the floor, molten stone running from it. Bayaz and Ferro then flee, locking Yulwei and Tolomei inside.

During the Battle of Adua, Yoru Sulfur disguises himself as Marovia to protect King Jezal. He uses The Divider to kill The Twins who were sent to kill the High King.