Have you ever had the feeling that someone else is having all the fun?

–The Twins to King Jezal, Last Argument of Kings

The Twins are two members of The Hundred Words, Khalul's army of Eaters, answering to Mamun.

Appeareance, Personality and Powers Edit

The Twins are identical twin sisters, both tall, thin, and pale with long, golden hair. They've beautiful, perfect, identical faces, and black, empty eyes. Always smiling, the sisters have a wry whimsical attitude to the violence they wreak. The Twins have the extreme speed and graceful movement of many Eaters, but also seem to be able to perform High Art; from the air shimmering gently around one when she blows open a gate.

History Edit

The Twins seem to be some of the earliest of Khalul's, dating all the way back to the Old Time.

The Blade Itself Edit

When Yulwei arrives in Adua with Ferro Maljinn, he tries to dissuade Bayaz from the dark path he intends to follow. However, Bayaz points out the strenght of Khalul's forces. Both Bayaz and Yulwei seem to have special loathing for The Twins.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

During the Battle of Adua, Mamun holds back The Hundred Word until the Gurkish army have breached the inner city and the Agriont. While most of the Eaters go for Bayaz himself, The Twins and another are tasked with killing Bayaz' puppet King Jezal dan Luthar.

When the first Eater breaches the main gate of the palace, it takes twelve Knights of the Body before he’s brought down. However, as Jezal moves deeper into the palace, The Twins bring down the door put in their way with their Art. The sisters chase King Jezal from chamber to chamber, until he’s finally cornered in the Chamber of Mirrors, with only an injured Bremer dan Gorst and High Justice Marovia for protection.

Tired of running, Jezal chose to turn and fight the Eaters, side by side with Gorst. However, suddenly Marovia dashes between, and pulling The Divider from beneath his robe, cuts both The Twins in two like a cheese wire. It is then revealed that the High Justice was really Yoru Sulfur in the guise of Marovia.

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