Ambassador Tulkis is the ambassador sent by Uthman-ul-Dosht to The Union soon after the fall of Dagoska.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tulkis is a thickset man with a heavy, black beard, who dresses simply in a white skull-cap and a white robe worked with golden thread. He comes across as very humble.

History Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

After the fall of Dagoska, Ambassador Tulkis is sent to Adua by the Gurkish Emperor to offer a peace proposition to the Union. He explain that he is the Emperor’s envoy, not Khalul’s, and that things between the church and state are not as rosy as they might seem. Dagoska was harder to take than the Prophet promised, and now Uthman-ul-Dosht desires peace. When Glokta argues that peace alone may not be enough for the Union, Tulkis offers a dozen scented and gold bound ebony chests to be delivered with his peace; empty chests. The Union can claim they contain whatever they like; more than the value of Dagoska itself, perhaps.

When Crown Prince Raynault is found murdered in his bedroom in the palace, a piece of white cloth with gold thread is found at the scene. Inquisitor Glokta recognizes it from Tulkis. In the interrogation room, Glokta confronts the Ambassador with the crime. Tulkis denies his involvement, claiming the schism between the Emperor and the Prophet has led to this attempt to frame him. Glokta still demands he sign a confession, but Tulkis refuses, knowing it would lead to war. Despite Glokta suspecting the man is innocent, under pressure from Sult, he obtains the confession.

Tulkis is later executed by being hung, drawn and quartered in the Square of Marshals before a massive crowd. Glokta shared his thoughts with Ardee West about Tulkis' innocence.

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