Wars are hard enough work without people fighting in the middle of them.

–Tunny to Yolk, The Heroes

Corporal Tunny is the standard-bearer of the First Regiment of cavalry in the Union army, and one of the longest serving non-commissioned officers.

Personality Edit

Corporal Tunny is in his late 30's and has the attitude of a old-time veteran soldier. He’s cynical about the army and war in general; all Tunny wants to do is live through (or avoid as much as possible) the next battle. Although he comes across as a lazy rogue and shirker seeking to avoid fighting, he is capable of great bravery and charisma.

Tunny spends much of his energy profiteering, gambling with new recruits, and stealing from the army and the enemy. He can get anything for you ... at a price. Even though he verbally mistreats the men under his command and actively profits from them, He cares about them and treats them fairly, though he is at pains to avoid this being known (he has a reputation to uphold).

History Edit

Tunny has been in the army for twenty-six years, and a veteran of the Starikland uprising, the First Gurkish War, the First Northern War, the Battle of Adua, and the Second Northern War. He has four times been Sergeant Tunny, once even Colour Sergeant Tunny, but each time he’s gets demoted back to Corporal, though he has always avoided being actually court-martialled. He has served under eight Lord Marshals; Frengen, Altmoyer, Krepsky, the other Frengen, Varuz, Burr, then West, and now Kroy.

The Heroes Edit

Corporal Tunny is serving under Sergeant Forest, in Colonel Vallimir's division. He is assigned four new recruits, and told to scout a path through the bogs to the far west. He soon loses his first recruit in the bogs, Klige, but they succeed in finding a place where they can flank the Northmen.

He sends Lederlingen back to telling the higher command what they’d found; after Yolk bribes him not to be sent. When Lederlingen is sent back with their orders to attack, he gets killed by Northmen scouts. Without orders, Tunny and the regiment sit-out that day of the battle.

On the third day of the battle, when they eventually decide to charge, with Tunny up front leading the charge, they find the Clail’s Wall abandoned by the Northmen. Soon they receive orders from Lord Marshal Kroy for all hostilities to cease at once, though Worth is killed by friendly-fire even after the fighting ends. Out of the four new recruits placed under Tunny, only trooper Yolk survives the battle and becomes something of a protege of Tunny.

In the end, Tunny writes letters to the families of the family of Troopers Lederlingen and Worth. He again receives four more new recruits, and they prepare to ships out with Lord Marshal Mitterick to Styria to help the Sipanese fight against Grand Duchess Monza of Talins.

Illustrations Edit

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