Uffrith is a large port city in the south of The North, near the mouth of the river Whiteflow. It is a large walled city, possibly the second largest in The North after Carleon. The houses have old grey stone walls and slate roofs, and the streets are cobbled, with a large town square in the middle.

History Edit

A number of years before the events in the trilogy, Rudd Threetrees was the chieftain of Uffrith. Bethod, an ambitious chieftain, started to unite clans under his rule. After six month of resistance, Bethod challenged Threetrees to a duel. Threetrees was beaten in single combat by his champion Logen Ninefingers, but allowed to live.

The current headman is called Brass. In Last Argument of Kings, Dogman and his rebel Northmen seize Uffrith with as little bloodshed as possible, in order to allow The Union to use it as a port.