Vallimir is a Major and the Master of the King’s Armouries in the Union Army, during the First Northern War. By the time of the Battle of the Heroes he has been promoted to Colonel, and commanding officer of Corporal Tunny.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Vallimir is a young, plump man with a pale face, who compensates for his lack of military experience, with a towering arrogance, especially towards commoners like Collem West. However, he shows himself to be competent and practical, even earning a sliver of respect from Ferro Maljinn.

By the time of Battle of the Heroes, he remains somewhat incompetent, falling victim to a combination of bad luck, a little indecision, and being less clever than Calder.

History Edit

Vallimir is old nobility from a family that goes back nine generations in the King's Own. At the beginning of the series, he is the Master of the King's Armouries in Adua.[1]

The Blade Itself Edit

Colonel Collem West finds the blacksmiths have stopped working for the day, having already met their quota. West asks Vallimir to re-light the forges to provide more equipment for the Midderland levies heading off to war in the North. Major Vallimir refuses to take orders from a jumped-up commoner, and finally goes too far with a snide comment about West’s sister. West loses his temper and intimidates the Master of the King’s Armouries into relenting[1].

Last Argument of KingsEdit

During the Battle of Adua, Major Vallimir leading a patrol that Ferro Maljinn has attached herself to. They are tasked with harassing the Gurkish army as they approach Adua to lay siege to the city[2]. His squad includes Sergeant Forest.

The HeroesEdit

Promoted to Colonel in the nine years after the Battle of Adua and given command of the First Regiment of the King's Own under General Jalenhorm, Vallimir finds his cavalry regiment horseless and out of position[3]. He is ordered to lead his one functional battalion through the bogs to the west of the Old Bridge[4] and to take up position on Calder's flank.

Paralysed by indecision (and missing orders), Vallimir does not attack throughout the battle, deceived by Calder into remaining in position[5]. He finally orders a charge[6] but is too late to make any difference, arriving on the battlefield just in time to be informed of the cessation of hostilities.

Sharp Ends Edit

He is a lieutenant of the army in Kadir.


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