Visserine is a major independent city-state in Styria, famed for it's glass-work and tall white towers. The banner of Visserine is the three bees.

Government Edit

Visserine is ruled by a Grand Duke; the current one being Salier. Salier is not considered a particularly good leader, due to his greed and gluttony, and rash actions in battle.

Geography and Culture Edit

Visserine is a coastal city-state in central Styria, on the shore of the Azure Sea. To the west lie Borletta and Talins, and to the east Puranti and Ospria.

The city is surrounded by great outer walls. Within, the city itself is a beautiful city, full of graceful brick-and-timber buildings, villas of cream-coloured stone, and trees where the parks and broad avenues are laid out. But it's most distinctive characteristic are its tall white towers, built by the nobility as a sign of their status. The river Visser flows through the city, with four bridges linking the two halves of the city. The great palace of the Grand Duke is on an island in the middle of the river, which can't be entered without an invite.

The city is best known for its glass-working and mirrors. The glass-working district is on an island just offshore. Everywhere in the city windows glint, with statues of coloured glass on the rooflines of the grandest buildings.

History Edit

Visserine was one of the founding city-state of the League of Eight, opposing Grand Duke Orso of Talins. The city-state suffered a defeat at Sweet Pines, when Salier rashly engaged Orso’s forces without waiting for Duke Rogont to arrive. In the months before Best Served Cold, Visserine again suffered defeat in the battle on the High Bank, despite having three times the numbers. The city-state is now on the brink of falling.

Best Served Cold Edit

Visserine is put to siege by the armies of Grand Duke Orso of Talins, led by General Ganmark. They bombarded the city with catapults beyond the walls, five on the west side of the river, and three on the east. They also had catapults on the twenty-two white-sailed ships blockading the harbour. Breaches eventually appear in the city walls, one by the harbour. The defenders were eventually overwhelmed, and the palace captured and Salier killed; although, Ganmark himself is assassinated by Monza Murcatto.

After the Thousand Swords accept payment from Ospria to switch sides, Nicomo Cosca is promised the Grand Duchy of Visserine. His rule as Grand Duke seems to have been brief.

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