Lord Wetterlant is a Union nobleman with bills to pay and no shortage of Open Council votes to sell to the highest bidder.

Appearance Edit

Wetterlant is a conniving old man who likes to feed birds.

History Edit

Last Argument of Kings Edit

With both heirs to the throne deceased, the four leading nobles (Brock, Isher, Barezin and Skald) and the Closed Council begin an unsavoury scramble to secure votes. Lord Wetterlant is a conniving man who simply plans to sell the four votes he controls to the highest bidder.

Superior Glokta meets Wetterlant surreptitiously on a bench by a duck pond. Tearing off bread to feed the ducks, he asks for Glokta’s offer. Glokta offers him 15,000 marks. But of course, Lord Barezin has already offered him 18,000 and an excellent stretch of hunting land. And, Lord Brock has upped the ante to 20,000 and a suitable match for his eldest son. And then, High Justice Marovia via Harlen Morrow, offered 25,000. Glokta, almost choking with frustration, offers to match the High Justice, but needs to get back to Wetterlant about further compensation. Glokta takes his leave with the Lord smirking at his ducks.

In Open Council for the election, Bayaz interupts the polling to reveal the supposed existence of an illegitimate son of King Guslav, none other than Colonel Jezal dan Luthar. Wetterlant is the third Lord to throw his full support behind the young pretender. Apparently, Bayaz made him a better offer.

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