We didn’t come here to talk, Hansul. You can piss off back, now.

Dogman to Hansul, Last Argument of Kings

White-Eye Hansul is a one-eyed old Northman warrior, who has acted as Bethod’s negotiator for many years.

Appearance and Personality Edit

White-Eye is an old man, with long hair and a great whitebeard. He has a livid scar across his face and through his eye, which is blind white. His voice is rich, round and pleasant, and speaks the common tongue without an accent. He generally has a broad smile, and pleasant demeanour.

History Edit

White-Eye Hansul is a Named Man who has fought with Bethod for many years; as far back as the siege of Uffrith when Rudd Threetrees was defeated in the circle by Logen Ninefingers. He’s done a lot of talking for Bethod, and he’d told a lot of lies.

The Blade Itself Edit

Bethod sends White-Eye Hansul as translator for the massive Fenris the Feared to The Union as his emissary to offer a peace proposal with The North. Lord Chamberlain Hoff grant them an audience with King Guslav himself, in the Open Council.

In the Open Council, the Northmen delegation are ushered in. Only then do they give the full terms of their offer, peace only in return for the territory of Angland. As the room erupts, Fenris the Feared removes his cloak, revealing his massive frame and tattoos covering half his body. He stabs himself in the arm with a dagger to show he feels no pain. And then challenges anyone in the Union to a duel for Angland in the northern tradition. Hoff refuses outright, dismissing the Northmen who leave issuing threats. Soon The Union is at war as the First Northern War begins.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Eventually, Bethod lays siege to the rebel Northmen led by Dogman in Crummock-i-Phail's crumbling fort in the High Places. Before the battle, White-Eye Hansul is sent to offer terms: leave the wall, turn over your weapons, and you can go free; a typical offer that Bethod’s well known to renege on. When Hansul sees Logen Ninefingers amongst the crew, he visibly pales; it can go no other way now, it’s to be blood.

The Heroes Edit

Since the death of Bethod, and Black Dow’s rise as King of the Northmen, White-Eye Hansul acts as the second in Scale’s crew; Scale, as the eldest son of Bethod, is one of Dow’s five war-chiefs who gets the shittiest jobs.

When Scale is “killed” of the second day of the battle with the Union, he becomes Calder’s second. He holds a shield for Calder in his duel with Black Dow.

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