Curnden Craw: Let’s us get them killed, and not the other way round.
Wonderful: Best damn advice about war I ever heard.

Curnden Craw and Wonderful, The Heroes

Wonderful is the long-suffering second of Curnden Craw’s dozen, and a Named Person from the North.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Wonderful has a long scar through her shaved-stubble hair. She’s tough as a thistle, tough as any man, and skilled with both sword and bow. She’s given to sarcastic, snide, occasionally whimsical comments.

History Edit

Wonderful and her family had a farm just north of Uffrith. When trouble started up with Bethod, she shaved her hair and took up a sword. When Rudd Threetrees and Curnden Craw arrived expecting to find the farms burned out, they found Bethod’s men had been ambushed and Wonderful in charge. Threetrees said “Wonderful strange to have a woman in charge”. Her Named was Wonderful Strange for a while, but soon the strange was dropped.

Between jobs, Wonderful still visits her husband and kids back on the farm.

The Heroes Edit

Craw’s dozen have been sent to secure a hill near the village of Osrung, crowned by ancient standing stones known as The Heroes. They manage to pull it off without violence, but then lose it when the main Union army arrive.

Wonderful fights with Craw’s dozen when the Northmen recapture the Heroes from the Union. When Black Dow’s old second Splitfoot is killed, and Craw named his new second, the remains of the dozen is given to Wonderful. After the battle, Craw steps down as second, and Wonderful named Dow's new second. As Craw leaves, she reveals that her husband and kids packed up and left years ago, and she couldn't bear to tell anyone.

Wonderful hold a shield for Black Dow in the duel in the circle with Calder, where Calder wins thanks to Caul Shivers' intervention. Calders brother Scale becomes the new King of the Northmen, and Wonderful becomes one of their war-chiefs with Pale-as-Snow, and Cairm Ironhead.

Sharp Ends Edit

She is with Curnden Craw in a mision beyond the crinna, looking for a mysterious object.